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The Power of Collaboration: Highlights from Our Doncaster Networking Event

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In the heart of Doncaster, a symphony of ideas, successes, and aspirations unfolded at The Charity Hub's recent networking event held at Doncaster College. This informal blog post delves into the stories shared by passionate individuals and organizations, reflecting the spirit of collaboration that defines our community.

Michelle from Creative You: Nurturing Artistic Growth

Michelle, the driving force behind Creative You, shared her triumph in refining application techniques. However, her journey seeks additional support in the realms of writing bid applications, venue selection, and corporate engagements. A testament to the dual nature of success and the perpetual quest for improvement.

Mark Farnsworth: Bridging Gaps at Sheffield College

Mark Farnsworth from Sheffield College embarked on a quest to understand the intricacies of what charities seek from a venue, aiming to gain insights into different initiatives. His story mirrors the curiosity and commitment to continuous learning that defines the charitable landscape.

Alex from Doncaster Chamber: A Chamber's Quest for Charity Knowledge

Alex, representing the Doncaster Chamber, expressed eagerness to delve deeper into the world of charities and explore how the Chamber can offer valuable support. A poignant reminder that collaboration isn't confined to specific sectors; it's a collective effort.

Eleanor from Bluebell Wood Hospice: Balancing Success and Aspiration

Eleanor, representing Bluebell Wood Hospice, celebrated successful collaborations while seeking assistance in the form of transportation support. A juxtaposition that encapsulates the dynamic nature of charitable endeavours—celebrating victories while acknowledging areas for growth.

Sarah of Citizens Advice Doncaster: Navigating Success and Seeking Volunteers

Sarah from Citizens Advice Doncaster shared the success of securing funding for diverse outreach programs. However, her ongoing journey involves a call for more volunteers to amplify the impact of their outreach initiatives—a testament to the perpetual cycle of success and the need for sustained support.

Rachel from Kier Highways: Building Bridges for Community Engagement

Rachel, representing Kier Highways, outlined the need for assistance in providing opportunities for employee volunteer programs and contributing to community projects. A narrative that underscores the broader vision of community engagement beyond individual successes.

Julian, Co-founder of Yorkshire Bike Shack: From Contracts to Community Engagement

Julian, the co-founder of Yorkshire Bike Shack, celebrated a successful contract with the council on social prescribing while actively seeking venues for expanded community engagement. A delicate balance of accomplishment and the quest for avenues to extend positive impact.

Sharon representing Life Church Doncaster: Nurturing Growth Amid Initiatives

Sharon, representing Life Church Doncaster, recently initiated various groups and activities. Her narrative highlights the challenges of managing a grant-funded garden and administrative duties amid the growth of diverse initiatives.

Sarah from Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals: Beyond NHS Funding

Sarah from Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals shared the focus on enhancing hospital services beyond NHS funding. Her journey involves seeking partnerships for additional community support, emphasizing the interconnectedness of healthcare and community welfare.

Julia, CIC Social Media Manager: Leveraging Social Media for Good

Julia, a CIC Social Media Manager specializing in Instagram for grassroots charity support, aims to expand awareness and training through collaboration. A digital echo of community impact, demonstrating the evolving landscape of charity outreach.

Lou from Inner Sunshine CIC: Nurturing Well-being through Art

Lou, from Inner Sunshine CIC, recently established a venture providing kids' yoga and art therapy. Her story exemplifies the power of initiatives focused on nurturing well-being and supporting those in need.

Simon from 90 Minute Music: Engaging Communities Through Music

Simon from 90 Minute Music engages in music programs for the community, particularly delving into the fascinating realms of neuroscience. A unique narrative that underscores the diversity of charitable endeavours and their intersection with various fields.

In the rich tapestry of our Doncaster networking event, these stories represent the ongoing narrative of successes, challenges, and aspirations that define our charitable community. Let's continue the open discussion in the comments, supporting one another, sharing insights, and fostering collaborations. Together, we can turn each story into a chapter of real impact!


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