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Empowering Charities Together

The Charity Hub is proud to announce its partnership with Plinth, a London-based start-up reshaping the way charities operate. Together, we're on a mission to empower charities across Yorkshire and beyond by providing a comprehensive and free community impact platform.


The Charity Hub and Plinth Partnership

A Shared Vision

As a charity committed to connecting organizations across Yorkshire, we understand the challenges charities face daily. Running a charity often means grappling with limited resources, hindering our ability to fully realize our mission. However, through collaborative efforts, we believe we can effect positive change.

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Stages you will go through:

Plinth: A Revolutionary Platform

Our partnership with Plinth is a strategic move towards providing a unified solution for charities. This collaboration aims to streamline processes, enhance communication, and amplify the collective impact of local and UK-based charities. Together, we aspire to create a stronger foundation for charities to achieve the unachievable.

Working in a group on upcoming projects and projections.

Join the Movement

Experience the power of collaboration by joining us at our networking events. Connect with like-minded individuals, share the highs and lows of charity work, and discover potential collaboration partners that can help you overcome challenges. Together, let's build a community where charities and suppliers unite to support one another and, most importantly, the causes we passionately serve.

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