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Our Mission

Our goal is to make a positive impact on the community by supporting good causes in the region. Your sponsorship will play a vital role in helping us achieve this mission, while also providing educational value to other organizations looking to grow and develop. By sponsoring us, every pound you contribute will create a ripple effect, generating significant social value throughout the region.

Benefits of Sponsorship

We understand that you want to see tangible benefits from your sponsorship, which is why we're offering several opportunities to increase your exposure and engagement with our members.


Our website will feature a dedicated page showcasing our supporters, including information about your organization, a video highlighting your work, and links to your website. We'll also recommend your services to our members, encouraging them to get involved with your business.

Welcome Pack

New members will receive a virtual welcome pack from us, which will include information about your organization and a special thank you for your support.

Networking Introduction

Once a year, we'll host a large-scale networking event in your honor, inviting all of our members and selected businesses to come together and network with each other. You'll have the opportunity to speak about your work and inspire others, while another speaker will share insights on a relevant topic.

A Day Visiting Our Members

Through your sponsorship, we've been able to support dozens of good causes in the region. We want to show you the impact of your contribution by organizing a day where we visit a few of the organizations we work with. A videographer will capture the day, and we'll create a video highlighting your involvement and thanking you for your support. We'll share this video on our social media channels, and you'll receive a copy to share on your own social media channels.

Connect With Charities Across Yorkshire

Thank you for considering sponsoring our mission to support good causes in the region.

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