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Group at a table during a Charity Hub event.

Discover the Benefits of Joining The Charity Hub

Joining offers the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, collaborate with other volunteers, and receive valuable training in areas such as fundraising and marketing. Additionally, you'll be part of an organization that is dedicated to making a positive impact in your community and beyond.

A blond haired man listening to what other people can bring to the table at a Networking Charity Event

Networking, Training, Start-up Support


One of our biggest commitments is to inspire good causes to not just network with other third-sector organisations, but also with businesses that are keen to help and support them.

Collaboration and coproduction

They do say that two heads are better than one; well, in the case of funding bids and charitable projects, this is very true. We actively encourage our good causes to collaborate and exercise coproduction when designing projects, as this will increase their chances of winning funding whilst also giving them access to larger funding pots.


As The Charity Hub grows, we will provide both virtual and in-person training. We will primarily focus on the running of your good cause and the marketing of your organisation. Over time, however, we will offer training on all areas. 


In addition, we will actively look to secure grant funding that will allow us to create online resources for good causes. These will include online training sessions, and resources that will help you launch your charity then take it to the next level.

Start-up support

If you’re thinking about starting a charity or social enterprise, we can point you in all the right directions. Through our network of key partners, you will have access to the support you’ll need to set up and develop your good cause. 


Knowing where to go is, sometimes, the hardest part. We’re very careful over who we call key partners. When we recommend you to someone, we know that you’ll be in safe hands and that you can trust them. Whether this concerns: 


  • Bid writing 

  • Setting up a bank

  • Setting up your organisation

  • Creating key infrastructure 

  • Running your first event

  • Which insurance is right for you

  • And many other elements…


Our partners are on hand to help and support wherever they can.

Lobbying on your behalf

We all know that there are major problems within the third sector. As we grow The Charity Hub and attract more members, we will often ask you for your thoughts and opinions on certain topics. We will then incorporate these responses when talking to local authorities. The more voices we gather, the more influence we will have. The more influence we have, the more we’ll be able to change.

Promoting the third/VCSE sector

There is a misconception that the third sector only needs your money. We would like to change this and showcase the amazing differences that charitable organisations are making to society and how businesses can get involved with them on a strategic level. We’re looking to engage more businesses that wish to work with charities on a large scale. 


The Charity Hub is a safe place that will help you to develop your organisation, increase your connections and provide opportunities for growth, support and collaboration..

Connect With Charities Across Yorkshire

From small acorns, great oak trees are born. The Charity Hub is at the start of an exciting journey. With the support and guidance of our members, we know we will make a difference in the third sector. Together, we will all succeed.

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