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Become a chosen charity

We're thrilled to announce that OneCall has selected a group of our charities as their charities of the year. OneCall Insurance raised over £65,000 for their charities of the year last year, showcasing the positive impact on our partnered charities. The selection process involves a two-minute pitch for each charity, followed by an opportunity for direct pitching to OneCall. While the exact number of chosen charities is unknown at this stage, successful ones will undoubtedly reap significant benefits from this collaboration.

One Call Insurance

Inspiring Conversations for Change

Who are OneCall Insurance?

OneCall Insurance is a UK-based insurance broker that offers a wide range of insurance products to its customers. Established to provide comprehensive insurance solutions, OneCall Insurance caters to various needs by offering products such as car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and more. The company is known for its customer-focused approach, aiming to simplify the insurance buying process with clear, straightforward policies and a commitment to accessible customer service. Through leveraging technology and a dedicated team, OneCall Insurance strives to offer competitive rates and policies tailored to individual requirements, making insurance more accessible and affordable for a broad audience. Their services are designed to provide peace of mind to customers by ensuring they have the right coverage in place for their specific needs.

Stages you will go through:

Initial registration

Please fill out the form below, this is a very simple questionnaire outlining who you are and what you do and what becoming the charity of the year will mean for your organisation. This is meant to be a very quick exercise and provides us with basic information to send across to OneCall. Please include links to the website, and social media as well as contact information. 


This is on a first come first pitch basis, with a limited number of applicants. Once those spaces are filled that's it. 

Pitching training session

This is a compulsory training session this will be a 2 hour workshop talking about pitching and the idea is that you come away with a structure of what you will say and the visual assets you will use. 

1st round of pitching

This will be in front of both Brett and Clynton where they will provide you with feedback on the pitch as well as select a set number of applicants to go and pitch directly to OneCall Insurance. 


These pitches will be filmed for the benefit of OneCall, The charity to use in similar situations as well as to be recorded for social impact and value purposes.

2nd round of pitching

This will be directly to OneCall Insurance themselves who will select a set amount of charities who will be invited for a final call where they will decide who will and won’t be their charities of the year.

Why should you go through this process?

Not only do you have the opportunity to become the chosen charity, and for you to build a relationship with one of the biggest companies in Doncaster, this is the perfect opportunity for you to grow and develop your pitching skills in a safe environment. 


Throughout the process, you will be surrounded by other good causes that you can network with and potentially collaborate with in the future, and you will be given training on what makes a good 2-minute pitch.

Registration Form: One Call Insurance Charity of the Year Selection

Thanks for submitting!

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Additional Information
Have you participated in any previous events or initiatives by The Charity Hub or One Call Insurance?
Confirmation of Commitment:

By submitting this form, you confirm that your organisation is committed to participating in the entire selection process, including the pitch-ready training session and pitching events.

Contact Information:
Upload File
Please note, depending on the size of your file you may experience a lag with the submission.

Please upload any additional video materials that you believe will support your application (MP4 format). Upload supported file (Max 15MB).

Please upload any PDF or Word document materials that you believe will support your application (PDF, .doc format). Upload supported file (Max 15MB).

Registration is now closed. 

Connect With Charities Across Yorkshire

From small acorns, great oak trees are born. The Charity Hub is at the start of an exciting journey. With the support and guidance of our members, we know we will make a difference in the third sector. Together, we will all succeed.

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