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Doncaster based charity providing Dreams/Wishes and 1-2-1 support to families receiving a cancer diagnosis.


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Who we are?

The Eve Merton Dreams Trust was founded in early 2011. It is a non-profit organisation that donates the money it raises to help create a Dream, or grant a Wish, for both patient & families impacted by terminal & serious Cancer conditions.

Why do we exist?

We exist after the sad passing of Eve Merton to secondary Ovarian Cancer in 2011. To turn the grief of losing a mother and turn it into a positive for other Cancer patients in our local community.

What are our intentions?

Our intentions are to raise monies via generous donations and several organised events, ideally while promoting healthy activities. The money raised from these sources will then be allotted out in grants or organised Dreams, with the key aim to get the onset of post diagnosis PTSD. Fulfilling a dream provides a positive focus empowering both patient and their families with new enthusiasm and strength to deal with ongoing daily impact of Cancer. Whether that be mentally, ongoing treatment or the obvious financial restraints

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