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National Lottery: Reaching Communities England

The programme in question provides a larger funding opportunity, exceeding £10,000, specifically designed for organizations that collaborate with their respective communities. These communities can be defined by geographic proximity, shared interests, or similar life experiences.

The primary objective of this programme is to support communities in addressing the repercussions of the cost-of-living crisis and facilitate their recovery, reconstruction, and growth following the Covid-19 pandemic. To achieve this, the programme provides funding to projects and organizations that aim to:

  1. Foster strong relationships within and across communities.

  2. Enhance the quality of places and spaces that hold significance for communities.

  3. Assist a larger number of individuals in realizing their potential by providing support at the earliest stages possible.

The programme is committed to being adaptable and responsive to the unique needs of each community. This includes considering requests for both long-term and short-term funding, whether for specific activities or to drive more fundamental changes. Additionally, the funding can be allocated to support a single organization or to facilitate collaboration among multiple organizations.

Furthermore, the programme extends support to individuals, communities, and organizations that face heightened demands and challenges resulting directly from the cost-of-living crisis. It aims to address immediate issues impacting the delivery of services and support during the current year and future years.

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National Lottery: Reaching Communities England
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